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Facts about cell phone tracking. When do I need a phone tracker? Can anyone track my cell phone? Which services can track a mobile phone? Some facts about locating a cell phone. What is the difference between phone tracking and reverse phone number lookup? How can I track my kids? Is my vehicle traceable? Is it legal to track cell phones? Do young people use phone tracking?

Facts about cell phone tracking?

Cell phone tracking has become a very easy thing to do, especially now that smartphones are used by so many people. Thanks to the GPS chip which is included in almost all modern phones, tracking a cell phone is as easy as installing an app on it. We're talking about cell phone tracking done by amateurs here, since tracking cell phones by law enforcement agencies is something that was available for a very long time, even without the GPS chips, just by using data sent by a phone to the carrier.

If you want to track the movements of a cell phone, you need that phone to have a GPS chip installed. The next step would be to download the tracking software and to install it on that phone. It does matter what OS there is on that phone, since the software you choose must have a version created for that mobile operating system. An app created to work on Android smartphones will not work on iPhone's. The same goes for an app create to work on Symbian smartphones. Furthermore, you can find different versions of an OS, so you might get a phone with Android 4.0 on it or you might get a smartphone with Android 2.2. An app designed to work on one of them might work on the other, but that's not automatically true.

One other fact about tracking cell phones is that you need to have access to the phone that will be tracked. The only thing you need to do to make sure you're not tracked by anyone is to always keep your cell phone close. If people don't have access to your phone, they can't install tracking apps on it. Furthermore, if the cell phone is protected by a pin number, people can't log in and install tracking apps, even if they do get your cell phone.