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Facts about cell phone tracking. When do I need a phone tracker? Can anyone track my cell phone? Which services can track a mobile phone? Some facts about locating a cell phone. What is the difference between phone tracking and reverse phone number lookup? How can I track my kids? Is my vehicle traceable? Is it legal to track cell phones? Do young people use phone tracking?

Is it legal to track cell phones?

Tracking someone's cell phone is extremely easy these days, especially if they own a smartphone. The ones that are most protected against cell phone tracking are the ones that own older models, the ones that don't come with a GPS chip installed. As long as you can get a few minutes of access to someone's cell phone, you can track their cell phones, by installing an app that will transmit data about their location.

Is cell phone tracking legal or not, that's another question. It's not moral, that's for sure, but for now, tapping mobile phones is not illegal, though that will change in the future. Since the radio waves can be accessed by anyone with a receiver, spying on mobile phones is sort off legal. A lot of people are using the tracking features the wrong way and eventually it will be illegal.

Spyware designed for mobile phones has been around for some time now and there are a lot of possible uses for it. Many parents are using cell phone tracking to make sure their kids are safe and they don't get in any trouble. Since most smartphones sold today come with GPS chips, even non-technical people can use apps that spy on the cell phone owner and report on their movement.

While making sure that your kids are OK might seem like an OK way to use cell phone tracking, plenty of other people are using it to make sure their spouses aren't cheating on them or even to spy on the activities of employees.

Tracking cell phones might be legal today, but that will probably change in the future, as new privacy laws are passed and the government catches up with technology and the way it's being used today. Getting access to someone else's phone and installing spyware on it it's certainly not an OK thing to do, but for now one can't do anything about it.