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Facts about cell phone tracking. When do I need a phone tracker? Can anyone track my cell phone? Which services can track a mobile phone? Some facts about locating a cell phone. What is the difference between phone tracking and reverse phone number lookup? How can I track my kids? Is my vehicle traceable? Is it legal to track cell phones? Do young people use phone tracking?

Is my vehicle traceable?

The question whether a vehicle is traceable or not will depend on the type of car you have and the electronics installed in it. If you have a navigation system, chances are that you can be traced by the GPS chip located inside. Even if you have an older car, the technology that you see in the movies, with small GPS beacons installed on a car, is at the disposal of anyone willing to spend a bit of money on it. A small GPS device can be attached to any car and it will either send continuous data about the location of the car, or it will store that data so it can be downloaded at a later date. The GPS units which transmit data usually have access to the GSM network, so they can transmit their present location. The ones that can't transmit data are basically GPS data loggers and they record the places visited by the car, but in order to get access to that information you need to retrieve the device and download the data from it. If your car is stolen or your kid is missing, finding the car is impossible if you have a data logger, so if it's important to you that you know where your car is at all times, you should make the additional investment and get a decent GPS tracking device.

It's really not that hard to trace a vehicle, even if you don't have access to a dedicated GPS tracking device. It's a cheap solution and it works only for a day, but it's a quick way of making sure you know where your car will be. You can take a cheap smartphone which has a GPS chip on it, you can install a tracking app on it, activate the GPS and hide the smartphone in the car, taped under a seat, or in the trunk of the car. Mute all sounds on it and start the tracking app. This way, you're tracking the location of the mobile phone and since it's inside the car, you know where the car is at all times.