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Facts about cell phone tracking. When do I need a phone tracker? Can anyone track my cell phone? Which services can track a mobile phone? Some facts about locating a cell phone. What is the difference between phone tracking and reverse phone number lookup? How can I track my kids? Is my vehicle traceable? Is it legal to track cell phones? Do young people use phone tracking?

What is the difference between phone tracking And reverse phone number lookup?

A reverse phone number lookup and phone tracking are completely different things. One allows you to find out someone's address and name, the other allows you to track the movement of cell phone owners. Not the same thing at all, not even close.

The phone tracking is done by installing an app on a cell phone which has a GPS chip. That tracking app will send data about the movement of the cell phone, so you know where their owner is, how much time he spent in one location or the speed at which he was traveling. Phone tracking allows a parent to know where his kid is at all times or a suspicious spouse to find out if he's being cheated by his partner. There are many ways that one can use phone tracking and many of them could be considered immoral, since you're ignoring other people's privacy rights and you're basically installing spyware on their cell phones without their knowledge. There is plenty to be said about phone tracking, but let's see how it's different from reverse phone number lookups.

The reverse phone number lookup is when you take a phone number you don't know much about and you find out more about it. You can find out the name of the phone's owner, his address and other information. It can prove useful in certain cases. If your kid talks with someone else on the phone a lot and you don't know much about that other person, this option allows you to find out more and get some peace of mind. If your spouse talks with an unknown person often, you can find out if it's someone you know or a stranger.

As you can see, while these two methods of tracking can be used for similar purposes, they are quite different from one another.