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Facts about cell phone tracking. When do I need a phone tracker? Can anyone track my cell phone? Which services can track a mobile phone? Some facts about locating a cell phone. What is the difference between phone tracking and reverse phone number lookup? How can I track my kids? Is my vehicle traceable? Is it legal to track cell phones? Do young people use phone tracking?

When do I need a phone tracker?

A phone tracker is needed in a number of different situations, but it can also be installed as a preventive measure. I'll explain about prevention first, since that's the type of situation that you might not be aware of.

One example of installing a phone tracking app as a preventive measure is when you want to make sure your kid is safe. Everything might be OK right now, but one night you might go to his room and you discover that he snuck out through the window. You have no idea where he might be and he's not answering your phone calls. When something like this happens, you usually call the police, since you don't know if there is something wrong. He might be kidnapped or he might be in an accident and you have no idea what's happening. If you had the idea to install the phone tracker on his phone in the past, you can use it in emergency situations like this one. You can find out where he is and his movements during the last couple of hours, so you know when he left the house and where he went. If he's at a friend's house or at a place where you know he hangs out with his friends, then you can let it go. If you see that he's at an address you know nothing about, you can go check it out and make sure he's OK.

As you can see, there are cases when a measure of prevention can save you a lot of headaches. Having a phone tracker in place can be useful even if you have nothing to worry about right now. Chances are that at some point in the future you will need the information it provides and you will be happy that you did it.